In addition to our core service, With Music In Mind also runs short-term projects involving our team and our members.

With Music In Mind members have the chance to enjoy lots of optional events, including performing at concerts, trips to the theatre, fundraising balls and parties, and much more! We have also taken part in a song-writing and recording projects.

Read more about some of our member's projects below, and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any ideas for projects yourselves- we'd love to hear from you!

The With Music In Mind Anthem - ongoing

In 2020, our groups unfortunately closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We still wanted to create projects however to engage our members, and so we created the With Music In Mind anthem! Sarah and Kate wrote lyrics for the anthem based on feedback from members, collected both during the pandemic and from past comments. Our Musical Director, Matthew, then put these lyrics to music. The staff recorded rehearsal aid videos for each part and we sent them out to those who had access to them. Our members then were able to begin to learn the anthem, and some even recorded their parts for us!

Now we are back to running group, we have started to learn the anthem in our groups. We are then hoping to record our members singing in groups to put together into a big virtual video! We are also offering support with technology to any members who want to record parts individually.

WMIM Full Anthem

Soprano Part (Main Tune)

Alto Part

Tenor Part

Bass Part

Oral Histories Project - ongoing

During lockdown, we also began our oral histories project as another way to keep us all busy and in touch. This project involved gathering stories from our members all about their lives and how music has influenced or affected them. We reached out to our members via email, newsletter and phone, and for those who were interested we arranged to come and do a safe home visit for an interview with a dictaphone. The interview featured open questions surrounding our member's backgrounds, musical pasts and interests, and what With Music In Mind means to them.

The deadline for registering interest in this project has now passed, and we are currently in the process of transcribing the interviews. Following this we will do some analysis to find common themes, and finally create a book with stories, photos, recipes - anything that’s been important and interesting in our members lives! This book will then be available to purchase. We hope this project will be a rewarding experience for those involved, and we are sure it will be an interesting read for all.

'Remember to Remember' - 2019

Back in 2019, local Rotarian David Parsons wrote a song named 'Remember to Remember' and asked With Music In Mind members to get involved with learning, singing and recording it. Those interested met for rehearsals and eventually then got together to record 'Remember to Remember' in the Gathering Place in St Athan, with Lynise Esprit. Sam and Dave from Kube Productions Limited then came to film and create a video of the project, which can be viewed here. A DVD and CD were also created, both of which are available to purchase. Those involved had a lovely time and benefitted from a sense of belonging, inclusivity and achievement.

'Remember to Remember'

'Remember to Remember' Project Launch

Rockfield Recording Studio - 2017/2018

In 2017, we received funding to organise a project at Rockfield Recording Studio. We advertised the project to our members, and over the next few months into 2018 those who then wanted to get involved had the opportunity to help us write and record two songs.

Those interested initially met in 2 workshops and discussed ideas for the songs, and the sort of words they wanted to be included. Our Musical Director at the time, Meryn, then took this and wrote lyrics based on the members ideas. She also put this to music, which our members then learnt. Those involved in the project then had an overnight trip to Rockfield Recording Studios where they had a brilliant day recording both songs. These are now available to purchase as a CD- a lovely keepsake for those involved and their friends and family.

Track 1 - One Day You'll Be Me

Track 2 - Dodgy Rock