Tackling Loneliness and Social Isolation...

Our mission is to improve the lives and quality of lives of older people through singing and social networking. Our recent addition of gentle exercise groups has enabled us to include this as another way of improving lives.

We provide a service for anyone over the age of 50, including those who want to access a supportive, fun, integrative group with benefits for their wellbeing, as well as those most vulnerable people who can easily slip through the net.

Our singing groups enable people to get together to sing, socialise and have fun whilst forming new friendships and gaining confidence through peer support. The gentle exercise groups have the same goals. Members include anyone over the age of 50 who want to join a fun, welcoming, informal group, such as those who are socially isolated or lonely, or with additional health or mental health problems, for example, older people living with dementia or at risk of falls.

Groups provide an ongoing, long term support network so that individuals can attend for as long as they want. As groups increase in size and reach capacity, new groups will be created to accommodate growing numbers.

Sarah Miles

Managing Director


Our vision is based on evidence supporting the benefits of singing and exercise for both mental and physical health.

Have a read of our literature review to find out more about what you can gain from attending our groups.

Read our Literature Review