Here, our members tell us about how they feel about With Music In Mind:

"I have always loved singing and as I suffer with Parkinsons, since I joined With Music In Mind it has given me more confidence to enjoy singing again. I have made a lot of friends and beside the music I enjoy other things that is put on for us such as quiz's and other entertainment. With Music In Mind has made a big difference to my life and I look forward to Monday mornings."

Graham Page, aged 81

"As a newcomer to Cowbridge I looked for an opportunity to meet people and to sing for pleasure. I had been feeling a little isolated and knew few people. This group has provided the perfect solution for me. You do not need to have a great singing voice - merely a love of music. I feel much more confident now and energised after each session. My life has been changed for the better and I never feel isolated. The effort and kindness of the organisers is marvellous - we are so fortunate to have them and our conductor/pianist. They also organise excellent social activities."

Anonymous, aged 86

"We're a slightly dotty lot who have a thoroughly enjoyable time every Friday morning come rain or shine, starting with an hour's singing of a great variety of songs, new and old. Our star accompanist must be complimented for her research and presentation of these pieces. This is always followed by an eagerly awaited cup of tea or coffee and a delicious spread of cakes, biscuits and fruit (presented by the organisers) before the second half of the morning. Our two organisers have arranged guest entertainment of a high order, quizzes, mini talks on specialist subjects and sometimes just a good opportunity for a good natter. If anyone feels a bit down before coming then it can be virtually guaranteed they will leave with a lighter step. Why not join us for a dose of musical therapy?"

Nigel Lewis

"The exercises gave us a good work out without being too strenuous. I didn’t realise how little I move around the house until I came to the group.  It was nice to see other people as I live on my own. There are not many places I feel safe, but I do here."

Female group member

"The group is happy and kind, we have music and it is a high point of the week. We laugh quite a lot."

Anonymous, aged 70

"The With Music In Mind sessions offer me a place to bring my father (with Alzheimers) that guarantees a lovely few hours of enjoyment and laughter. There are few organisations that offer a service like this. I feel we have gained a group of friends (staff and members). As a carer it is a place that offers me a few hours in the company of like-minded people."

Group Member, aged 58

"Having had so many of my family pass away, With Music In Mind has reduced my sorrow and helped me to carry on with life. A wonderful group of friends."

Group Member, aged 88

"I am enjoying the singing and company. I look forward to coming regularly."

Miriam Sutton, aged 93

I really enjoyed the exercise groups; it was just the sort of thing I need to help improve my balance. It was really nice meeting with people, and I will definitely be back when we are able to meet up again.” 

Female group member

"Belonging to a singing groups was a new experience for me and it sounded fun. The fact you didn't have to audition, read music or even 'sing' (or I have never joined) was a big plus. I really look forward to to my Friday morning singing. We have gelled into a nice friendly group and always leave feeling joyful. A big thank you to Kate and Sarah for giving up their time to organise this and for Meryn for making it such an enjoyable experience. I would recommend With Music In Mind to anyone as it is a joyful, uplifting experience and you get to meet new people."

Pam Evans, aged 72

"I love mixing with people of all ages but especially people in older years. They have had such fascinating lives and in this group, show how to age well! Kate, Sarah, Lindsey and Matthew bring a ‘joie de vivre’ which is infectious."

Group Member, aged 67

“The WMIM Exercise Group means so much to me. I live on my own and apart from a short walk I don’t see anyone all day, so I very much look forward to meeting a few friends, albeit just from two metres away! And the exercises are very important to me. They keep me supple (it’s so easy to sit for hours when you are stuck at home) and I practise them through the week. I feel a great benefit both mentally and physically from attending this exercise class and it gives me something to look forward to, which is not very easy in this pandemic. In fact, I enjoy it so much I do hope it will continue when life returns to normal. It’s not just the exercise, it’s the company”  

Female group member

“I found the Gentle Exercise classes run for a short while by WMIM very beneficial, they invoked a great deal of calm and happiness inside me. The lack of any pressure during the routines from the tutor allowed me to achieve within my own boundaries."

Female group member

“X (group member) and I were so pleased to be able to come to the exercise classes. It most certainly improved our general wellbeing to have some structured exercise in the company of friends. Tai chi and balance exercises particularly good.  

We also enjoyed the social time. To be able to chat face to face, albeit socially distanced and wearing visors/masks, was hugely positive for both of us. Felt like we had returned to the real world again!"

Female group member / carer