With Music In Mind acknowledge our impact on the environment, and strive to improve it. See below for our Eco-Code, and to have a read of our environmental policy.

With Music In Mind is a social enterprise based in the Vale of Glamorgan with the aim of tackling loneliness and social isolation through singing and social networking. Our singing groups enable anyone over the age of 50 to sing, socialise and have fun whilst forming new friendships that will benefit their physical and mental wellbeing. With Music In Mind acknowledges that our activities have an impact on the environment and contribute to climate change. Considering this, we will adopt this Environmental Policy to establish our strategic objectives regarding environmental management and to highlight the actions we will complete to take responsibility for our environmental impact and further promote sustainability.

As a key member of our local community, With Music In Mind aims to achieve the highest possible standard in environmental and sustainability management. Although we may be a small organisation, there are still measures that we can take to reduce our environmental impact whilst influencing others to do the same. We are fully committed to continual improvement in relation to sustainability, and this Environmental Policy sets out our commitment and ambition to improve our environmental management in the future.
To achieve this, With Music In Mind have commissioned a sustainability consultancy to carry out a sustainability audit of our activity and identify potential actions to reduce our environmental impacts. This work has also helped us to develop this Environmental Policy and an accompanying Eco-Code, along with our Sustainable Action Plan.
The following outlines the steps and actions that With Music In Mind will take as part of our Environmental Policy.

2.1 Energy
• We commit to exploring the opportunities for minimising energy consumption at our office and the venues we utilise to run our sessions.
• Best practice and guidance will be issued to staff members for how to maximise the energy efficiency of their home working environment, including:
o Electronics shutdown procedures
o Use of Ecosia as default search engine
o Green energy tariffs
o Energy efficient lighting
o Insulating their home offices.

2.2 Waste
• We will minimise waste through the use of a formal procedure that will help staff ensure we operate in line with the waste hierarchy
• We will seek to prioritise electronics repair or refurbishment before new equipment is purchased

2.3 Guest Speakers and Entertainment
• We will advise guest speakers or entertainment that are booked to attend sessions on our environmental policy and provide guidance on how to travel to venues via public or
active transport routes where accessible rather than using private cars.
• We will continue to prioritise speakers based within the Vale of Glamorgan over other speakers.

2.4 Transport
• When choosing how to travel to in-person events or meetings we will first prioritise active and public transport and will only use personal cars as a final resort.
• We will seek to assess the environmental performance of the vehicles used for business travel, allow us to prioritise the use of the most eco-friendly option.
• We will assess the environment impacts of purchasing or renting an ultra-low emission or electric van or pool car that can be used for transport to and from the sessions.

2.5 Sessions
• Our members will be issued with guidance on how to travel to events sustainably, with information on public transport use and the promotion of car sharing.
• We will create guidelines for staff relating to the sustainable purchasing of consumables required for sessions, including locally sourced and seasonal foods, as well as the minimisation of packaging.
• We will assess prospective host venues for events based on a set of sustainability credentials.

2.6 Our Corporate Approach
• To encourage a commitment to better environmental practices through the sharing and promotion of this Environmental Policy and accompanying Eco-Code.

We firmly believe that good environmental management is the responsibility of all our team.
With Music In Mind will therefore ensure all employees, shareholders and volunteers are aware of the Environmental Policy and, where appropriate, provide relevant training and support for them to uphold the principles of this policy.

Company Managing Director, 30.03.2022