Our singing and social groups are based on research that demonstrates that informal group singing improves mood, wellbeing and memory and reduces stress as well as reducing the risk of social isolation and loneliness. You’ve probably also seen in the news over the past few years that there is plenty of research showing that, in the case of dementia, the memories of music and song lyrics are easier to access than other memories.

Currently we have groups running in four locations in South Wales: Cowbridge, Barry, Llantwit Major and Penarth. We set about designing an informal and relaxed group setting for singing songs together.


You will be welcomed to the group by a member of staff and your name will be taken for our register. This is to make sure we know how many people are in group each week.

On your first time, there is nothing to pay!

After that, you will be asked to pay £5 per person for the two hour session and this includes your refreshments.

Carers go free, if they are attending with a member.

Seating is provided for everyone and we have at least two members of staff present in each group to assist people to their chairs, if required.

Our sessions are led by our Musical Director, Matthew, who plays the piano and helps us with any parts we are unsure about.

The first hour consists of informal group singing, led by Matthew, and a variety of songs are chosen each week. Some songs are familiar old favourites and sometimes Matthew chooses something we know less well, but the sessions are always relaxed and there is no pressure to learn anything perfectly! Song lyrics are projected onto a screen or wall.

The second hour consists of a variety of social activities. Sometimes this might be a quiz, or a game of indoor bowls (petanque), or we might have a talk from a speaker or just a good old chat. Refreshments are provided by With Music In Mind, which include tea and coffee, fruit, cakes and biscuits. Most dietary requirements can be accommodated, if you let us know in advance.

All our venues have accessible toilets and hand washing facilities.

With Music In Mind - Matthew Nash