Musical Ideas from 'Music For Dementia' - Part 2

November 9, 2020

Here are some more ideas from Music for Dementia to help keep music in your daily routine despite lockdown. If you haven't already check out the first 6 ideas on our previous news post.

7. Make a playlist – This is a perfect example of sharing music and love across communities. Make someone you know a playlist today by using our guides. And don’t forget to make yourself one as well - What music really gets you up dancing, makes you smile, gives goose bumps up your neck

8. Stream Music – While the radio and record players are still our favourites, there are new ways to listen to music. Check out YouTube, Amazon Music, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, BBC Music Memories, to name a few.

9. Get children involved – Ask your child or young adult to become a Music Detective for someone living with dementia. They can help people track down the soundtrack to their life and turn it into a playlist

10. What do we listen to? – To find out what the big tunes were within each decade have a look at this great resource for individuals, families or reminiscence and singing groups - Playlist for Life. 100 Years: A Century of Song

11.Don’t know the name of the song but know the lyrics – check out this website to give you some help – Find song by lyrics

12. Create a musical quiz – It appears that people living with dementia retain clearest memories for music they enjoyed and heard between roughly the ages of 10 and 30. Why not create a music quiz for them and learn about their musical favourites?

We hope you have enjoyed all 12 ideas, keep updated on the With Music In Mind app for more content like this in the future.