In memory of Mike Gee

With Music In Mind regrets to announce that our board member, Mike Gee passed away on 14th June 2019.

Mike was one of the very first members of With Music In Mind and enthusiastically put himself forward to be on our Board of Directors. Mike was passionate about the aims and ethos of With Music In Mind and was always an ardent supporter. Board meetings were always fun with Mike around and he was never short of a joke or two! He cared greatly about the experience that With Music In Mind members had at group and was full of suggestions. He also helped with recruiting staff and was hugely helpful in all aspects of his role on the board.

Mike continued to attend the Cowbridge group as a member and regularly expressed enjoyment of the sessions. He was often the quiz champion due to his extensive knowledge base and everyone wanted him on their team.

Mike was a generous natured and big-hearted colleague and friend. He will be missed greatly by all at With Music In Mind.

Kate and Sarah

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