Sing, meet and support.

Canu, cyfarfod a chefnogi.

A video montage of With Music In Mind group members, backed by their recording of The Impossible Dream

With Music In Mind is a singing group for people aged 50 and over to get together, to socialise and to have fun. The groups run at regular intervals, are led by experts, and involve singing, chatting and other social activities. Anyone of any background and singing standard is welcome. Our groups have many benefits including increased confidence, stress reduction, improved quality of life and improved wellbeing and general health.

  • Grwpiau canu a chymdeithasu

  • Ar gyfer oed 50+

  • Hwylus ac anffurfiol

    Y Buddion - Mae tystiolaeth o lawer o effeithiau da o ganu mewn grwp:

  • Lleihau straen

  • Cynyddu hyder

  • Gwell lles meddyliol

  • Lleihau unigrwydd

  • Gwella’r cof

"I would recommend With Music In Mind to anyone as it is a joyful, uplifting experience and you get to meet new people." Pam Evans, 72.

"The whole concept is excellent." Anonymous, 69.

"If anyone feels a bit down before coming then it can be virtually guaranteed they will leave with a lighter step." Nigel Lewis.

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